Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stormy Weather

Tropical Storm Ida continues to churn her way into Alabama, rainy and noisy, her gulf mist swirling around her. Even here, far from the water, I can smell the beach.

Jim Cantore and his colleagues are covering the story, though Jim doesn't have to hold on sideways to the nearest tree to get his shot. It's still a good exercise in the craft of reporting, a great opportunity for young mass communicators to follow along.

I'm surprised there aren't a bunch of them taggin' around. Maybe they are. Back at the doughnut truck, sippin' coffee and filing their homework on their Blackberries.

And there are other notes, from another Jim.

"While Jim measures the 1 ft. storm surge, have you thought about your life insurance?" I'm sure somewhere there's a gator going, "Let's see how the Braves are doin'."

So here, above the roadside orange juice line, we watch the Weather Channel, check our batteries, and go on about our business.

We love Florida, but we wish they'd send us more fruit and less bad weather.


  1. Wild weather is certainly what you seem to get in your part of the world! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Abby.

    It's nice to be back.